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Boycotting The Totalitarians

Become a “Liberty Citizen” by not funding those who detest America

If one counts the votes cast for Trump and the votes he won  NOT counted – and then add in family members  too young to vote, the number of pro-Trump Americans may be as many as 150 million people, which is half of all the residents of the USA.  If we are serious about stopping the left’s effort to transform America into a socialist police state, there needs to be a coordinated grassroots effort to boycott the corporations, banks, retailers, media outlets, and other entities who have declared war on traditional American values, “cancelled” our rights and  fund the left. 

The time has come for all patriotic citizens to start living their lives in such a way so that we do not enrich those who wish to enslave us and destroy America. While many conservative leaders have refused to embrace boycotts, it is simply insane for patriotic Americans to fund our enemies.  It often does not take much to change the behavior of these so-called “woke” institutions even a 5% drop in profits will often force them to change their actions.  

It may be difficult, but we all need to reorganize our lives so that we become much more selective about who we give our hard earned dollars to. If millions of patriots would do this, we will most certainly change the way many institutions are acting today.

The left has used boycotts successfully for many years while conservative leaders have either been silent or even opposed to boycotts. The left has taken advantage of this apathy and have brazenly conned conservatives to fund causes that contribute to our own destruction.  For example,  Progressive Insurance has sold millions of policies by advertising on Fox News in an effort to make conservatives think they are a decent company.  But they aren’t.  In fact they have been instrumental in funding the left for many decades and many of their key executives continue to do so today.

If only a fraction of our movement alters their buying habits, it could dramatically change how the left gains and keeps power in America. I have created 4 levels of  boycott actions with each level more difficult than the previous one. If you are able to make it to Level 4, that means you are what I will call a full-fledged “Liberty Citizen” and this is the Gold Standard as far as not subsidizing, funding, or supported our enemies in any way, shape, or form.  It will be a difficult level to meet as I’m not yet even at that level myself.

This is a working document, so if you have something to add, please email me at .  If you are with a company, charity, media outlet or other entity I have listed as funding or supporting the left and you want to challenge this designation, please message me. However, I will not automatically remove the entity in question unless I have a written letter or email message from one of your executives that this is indeed the case.

Level One: Boycotting the Media, Social Media & Hollywood

With hundreds of conservative news and opinion sites and blogs on the internet, talk radio, You Tube and cable television, there is really no reason to support the liberal media. The mainstream media, many social media platforms and much of Hollywood long ago abandoned the idea of neutrality and now advocate for the liberal worldview.  Journalism schools even teach students today to be advocates and claim the role of journalism is to “create change” rather than report the news.  They no longer even hide that goal.  Almost all of today’s major journalists graduated from the same handful of journalism schools which were captured by the left decades ago.  The Media Research Center has undertaken research on the political views of the media and confirms they are overwhelming on the left. 



First, let’s take the magazines.  Most of the so-called news magazines such as U.S. News & World Report, Time, Newsweek are on the left but so are most of the culture-oriented magazines such as Atlantic, Harpers, New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, etc. If these magazines cover the Hunter Biden scandal at all, they lied about it.  They covered the Russian collusion hoax as if it were real, even after it was proven to be a hoax.  

If they covered the riots by Black Lives Matter, it was portrayed as heroic, even after the destruction of 60 cities, billions of dollars of property damage and the murder of over 30 people.  At no time did any of these magazines bother to inform  readers that the Department of Justice crime stats clearly show the “police are racists” narrative was a myth and that unjustified polices shootings have been plummeting for years.  Many of these magazines are barely holding on and most of them no longer have a print edition but some do.  It’s time to put them out to pasture.   And don’t forget the office. If you or your spouse has an office with a waiting room, most likely the office staff has subscribed to some of these propaganda organs. Cancel them.


As for newspapers, the same applies.  With the exception of the Washington Times and the New York Post, conservative big city daily newspapers don’t exist anymore. Indeed, your typical city-based daily newspaper long ago abandoned the idea of being neutral. All throughout the Trump years, the daily newspapers lied about President Trump on a daily basis.  For example, for three years they printed stories about the Russian collision hoax which later proved to be false, but none of them ever retracted a word.  Then, as if on cue, all across the nation, every major daily city newspaper decided to censor all the shocking revelations about the Biden family’s involvement in illegal “Pay to Play” schemes that enriched that family.  It was obvious they were helping Joe Biden win his election.

The reality is that local papers do not provide any unique benefits anymore.   Even details about local crimes and natural disasters can be found on neighborhood and community websites and blogs that focus on this type of news -- like Patch.   As for national news, local newspapers do not write those stories; they simply print what the liberal wire services  send them – the Associated Press (AP) being the largest wire service --  and they do not fact check whatsoever to determine if such stories are accurate.

While most newspapers are struggling to stay relevant by  moving on-line, it does not matter, as their job today is apparently to echo the narrative set by the national liberal political leadership.  They have become irrelevant and indeed, they’re failure to seek the truth has damaged the national discourse.  If enough people cancel their subscriptions, they will lose advertisers and will soon go under. Good riddance.

If you want to see a list of conservative news and opinion websites and blogs, click on the “Resources” button on this front page of this blog. Among my favorites sources for daily news  are the Western Journal, WorldNetDaily, American Spectator, Daily Caller, Gateway PunditBreitbart and Geller Report.  Select a few online conservative blogs and sites to read every day and you will be far more informed on national issues than the propaganda fed to you by the daily newspapers.

Ironically, a number of foreign-based newspapers cover American politics far more objectively  than do our own newspapers such as the Canada Free Press, UK Guardian, SkyNews and Epoch Times


Television News 

Ratings determine what the news outlets charge advertisers and clearly, today, many  Americans who watch CNN and MSNBC should know better.  Almost all the mainstream  TV personalities are leftists and many have worked for Democrat politicians and liberal groups in the past.  For example, during the Obama era, a dozen major journalists went to work for Obama and that trend has accelerated to this day.    And, as with the printed media, the liberal news networks consistently lied throughout the Trump era and made no effort whatsoever to retract the hundreds of stories later proved to be false.   Not only should conservatives avoid these propaganda shows, they should boycott those who advertise on them. 

There are lots of other options for conservatives.  While Fox has a few liberals, it also has some of the best conservative commentators in the country, such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Judge Jeanine Pirro.  Both One America News Network and Newsmax are catching up to Fox and, on occasion, have surpassed Fox in ratings. The left is out to cancel these networks by harassing their sponsors so please support those who advertise on these shows (with the exception of Progressive Insurance).  If your cable provider does not carry any of these shows, call them and urge them to do so. 

Radio News

Some people may think radio stations find their own news stories through hard work and lots of phone calls, but they don’t.  Radio stations all use out-of-state news services to feed them stories.   And no, no effort is made to determine if these stories are accurate.  In many cases, they are not, since these news services are all on the left.  Any national news story that you hear on a local radio stations follows a specific narrative fed to them by liberals based far away.  Ignore the radio news.  The only good aspect of radio today are talk shows which is a market now dominated by conservatives.  


Hollywood Shows & Movies 

Much of what Hollywood produces today is devoid of any meaningful values and follows very predictable liberal narratives.   In fact, there are liberal pressure groups that exist within Hollywood that do nothing but review scripts to make sure that they parrot the proper political narratives.  One such group is GLAAD, a gay group that openly declare that they “rewrites the script for LGBTQ acceptance.”    It is NOT a coincidence that every Hollywood show and film today has a gay or transgendered character; that all due to an organized effort.  

I will not list all the movies and film production companies that produce liberal films, but with the existence of Netflix, Hula, Roku, Apple TV, etc. we now have a larger choice of film selection than ever before and it’s much easier to find conservative films as a result. Moreover, CDs can thankfully still be purchased online today for just about every movie ever created.  A great list of conservative movies can be found here.


The Social Media

As we all know, the social media giants have blocked any and all news critical of Biden, claiming all such attacks to be “inaccurate” but none of them had any qualms with the thousands of false posts and videos about President Trump.  Indeed, since Biden’s election, the censorship of conservatives has dramatically increased. The main players here are Facebook, Twitter, Snap-Chat, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, all of which are headed by leftists and have long histories of supporting the left and censoring the right.  But there are alternatives such as Gab, Parlor, MeWe, Clout Hub, Rumble and many others.  We all need to untangle ourselves from the platforms of the liberal police state.  When you do switch, try to link your posts or videos to the new platforms so that your followers will follow you to the new platform.

Level Two: Boycotting Big Business, Unions and Politicized Charities 

Once upon a time, big business leaders appreciated America and the free enterprise system that enabled them to become so profitable, but that has come to an end.  Contrary to popular mythology,  big business now supports the Democrats far more than they do the Republicans and it has been trending that way for years.  However, that trend escalated when Republicans  challenged the election.  Apparently, no matter how widespread election fraud is, you are supposed to shut up and obey and not make waves.

The left’s domination of our higher education system has created a corporate leadership that threatens to undermine the very principles the constitution was founded upon.  But we should not be surprised.  Every socialist dictatorship in history from Hitler’s National Socialist Party  to Joseph Stalin’s Communist Party, has selected certain corporations to thrive, while wiping out their competition.  Today, in America, we are witnessing the same trend. We are in route to a socialist dictatorship with the support of many corporations who are fully on board with the ruling leftist elites. Apparently, they are all hoping to receive favorable treatment by the liberal elites in the way of tax breaks, government bailouts, and exemptions from certain regulations.    

It wasn’t always like this, but today, the Republican Party is the party of the working class and entrepreneurs so if this describes you and you’ve been voting Democrat, you’ve been had.  You’ve been conned.  Every law and executive order supported by President Biden undermines the working class and entrepreneurs by taxing us, regulating us, and, in many cases, elimination our jobs entirely.

But this doesn’t appear to disturb the corporate world as very few of them have condemned these actions.  Indeed, many big corporations are perfectly ok with high taxes and excessive regulations because they either enjoy exemptions or have the resources to handle all the fees and regulations.  Moreover,  they know such policies makes it difficult for small business to compete in the marketplace.  Our corporate culture is today more corrupt than it has even been in our history. 

Rather than list all the businesses who fund the left, I have decided to refer my readers to this great resource.  This site list banks, retailers, manufacturers, department stores, fast food chains, insurance company, social media companies and much more, all who assist the left.

It’s a very complete and depressing list and it covers many large corporations that we all deal with on a regular basis.  We’ve been sold out my friends.  At this website indicates, a vast number of major corporations are involved in one of the following activities:

  1. Boycotting conservatives; meaning actively removing conservative customers or refusing to do business with them.

  2. Funding the left, such as radical transgender groups, gun control groups, and racist groups such as Black Lives Matter.

  3. Lobbying or pushing for unconstitutional laws, such as restrictions on our speech rights, our religious freedom and the right to bear arms. 

  4. Harassing conservative Christians by mocking our values and promoting lifestyles in conflict with our values. 

  5. Engaging in racist polices such as giving a product or a service to a particular race at a lower rate than given to other races.

The aforementioned website does offer some alternatives in some cases,  but the general rule we all need to follow is to GO SMALL.  The larger the corporation, the more likely they have sold us out. We all need to return to the old ways of supporting our local community- based businesses,  restaurants, markets, stores and banks. Avoid the chain stores.  Avoid the large retail outlets.  We should have never allowed the big retail chains to come into our communities to begin with and wipe out all our local businesses. We can’t let them hold our communities hostage while they fund the enemies of America.  If we are really committed to saving America then we need to rebuild our communities by creating new locally based businesses. It’s time for the big corporations to lose their grip on our communities. 

Business Associations

You may have a good relationship with your local business association but understand that if they are part of a larger national association, they forward a portion of your fees to the national office. In other words, no matter how conservative the local affiliate may appear, the fees you pay them support a national association that is often in bed with the left. 

It is not that hard to find out if the local business association is doing the politically correct thing or doing their job.  This can be determined by finding out if they were actively involved in challenging the phony science behind the COVID lockdowns, litigating against the outrageous arbitrary rules, or confronting the politicians who pushed the inconsistent restrictions. If they weren’t, then they were not doing their job. 

Moreover, if your community experienced violence and looting from BLM or Antifa, your business association should have been involved in demanding that city officials control the rioting, arrest the thugs and then prosecute them.  If they were not doing this, then they are wasting your money. After all, protecting our businesses from outrageous COVID regulations and violent looters should be the highest priority for any business association.  It is certainly not having mixers.

The National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors is now attempting to control what agents can post on their social media on their own time.  It will only be a matter of time before NAR starts to ban conservative realtors. Already, the NAR massively funds Democrats even though Democrat economic policies have been disastrous for the real estate market.     

The time may soon come for conservative realtors to break off from their industry and serve as advisors for homeowners who want to sale their house on their own.   There is already a thriving industry that seeks to inform home sellers how to do this.

Chamber of Commerce

It all depends where one lives, but in many areas the Chamber of Commerce was silent while draconian COVID lockdowns destroyed our businesses.   The lockdowns were based on science  later determined to be grossly exaggerated.   When one subtracts the stupid actions of a half dozen governors to transfer COVID patients into nursing homes – thus leading to tens of  thousands of needless deaths—and then subtracts the mis-categorization of non-related sicknesses as COVID deaths, the number of real COVID deaths is far less than reported and the real fatality rate (% of infected people who die) has now been determined to not be that much different from the normal flu.  And we destroyed our economy over this?  And where was the Chamber throughout all this?

Moreover, I have found that most Chamber of Commerces have PACs that give money to liberal Republicans and even Democrats while ignoring conservative candidates.  If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce or similar business association, you have the obtain a print out of its PAC expenditures, and, if they not supporting conservatives -- who will always be the best advocates for small business – then it’s time to get out.

I must confess, as a former state assemblyman, the State Chamber of Commerce opposed me on a host of issues, often siding with liberals to achieve their agenda.  For most of my political career I have witnessed the National Chamber of Commerce and various state affiliates support liberal Democrats; I watched them as they backed massive Democrat boondoggles like Goals 2000 and Common Core, programs that wrecked our public schools. During the Clinton and Obama years, the Chamber backed many of their liberal policies.

Most recently, Time Magazine reported that the U.S. Chamber participated in secretive meetings with the left to rig election laws in many states so as to favor Biden.  They detested President Trump. Already, the Chamber has announced it will support some of Biden’s phony “climate” agenda.  That should not be surprising.  Historically, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has supported many big government programs and never opposed the transformation of the federal government from a small entity as envisioned by our founding fathers, to the monstrosity it is today.

Contrary to popular mythology, the national Chamber of Commerce and many of its state affiliates are NOT conservative and will not always make the right choice even when it comes to issues effecting the economy. 

The liberal propaganda so pervasive in our culture today that even our  business associations have been affected.  The Chamber has become part of our ruling establishment and continues to favor the large corporations over the backbone of America: the small business community.  The time has come for conservative business owners to withdraw from such associations and form their own business associations. 

The Business Roundtable

The same holds true for the Business Roundtable.  They also supported many massive federal boondoggles pushed by liberals, such as Goals 2000.  I witnessed that myself when I fought Goals 2000 as a state legislator. More recently, they attacked Republican efforts to challenge the vote, even though both state and federal constitutions clearly detail a process for doing so.  There is nothing “un-American” about challenging the vote.  But not surprisingly, this same group was silent when many Democrats challenged the 2016 election results.  That tells you everything you need to know about the BR. 

The National Association of Manufacturers

This group has also become infected by liberals and often bases its statements and actions on phony liberal narratives. Most recently, they called upon VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump, a liberal talking point based on the phony argument put forth by the Democrats that Trump incited the January 6th Capitol riot, something, of course, that was not backed by one shred of evidence.


While a number of unions did endorse President Trump, many of them endorsed Biden. This is bizarre when one thinks about the differences between the two men.  Biden has never worked a private sector job in his life while Trump spent his entire life creating jobs and then created millions more as president.  One would think job creation would be the #1 issue for unions because when an economy goes south, union members lose jobs and today, we are witnessing that right now.  Already, Biden has signed executive orders that have cost tens of thousands of jobs in the energy field and his Green New Deal, minimum wage hike and his tax policies will cost us millions more jobs and drive America into a severe recession. I have no doubt that by mid-2022, we will be in a severe recession, just like we had for the 8 years Biden was VP under Obama.

Why, then, would unions endorse Biden?  It’s due to long standing relationships between the Democrat Party and the unions, even though the Democrat Party is now the party of wealthy  coastal elites and has little to do anymore with the working class.   In many cases, these relationships are based on corruption, whereby the union leadership receives benefits and even payoffs from Democrat administrations.  Meanwhile, America’s working class  gets screwed once again with anti-working class policies. 

To see if your union endorsed Biden, go here.

As you can see, many of America’s largest unions sold out to Biden at the expense of  their workers, including the AFL-CIO, AFGE, and even many of the construction oriented unions. Not surprisingly, many union members have already lost jobs as a result of Biden shutting down the Keystone pipeline.  These unions sold out their members for some kind of payoff.  

If you belong to a union and are tired of watching your hard earned money be used by a corrupt  union leadership to elect anti-American politicians, understand that you have rights.  You can actually resign from the union without getting fired, especially if you live in a “Right-to-Work state” or belong to a public employee union. Thanks to the Janus decision of 2018, workers have far more rights than in the past.  Even private sector unions in non Right-to-Work states don’t have the freedom they used to have to coerce dues out of workers.  Go here for more info for how to get out of a union or to get out of paying union dues: 



We all want to believe that charities are operated by good people and that they would never abuse their mission.  Unfortunately, that is not true.  We now have in America something I call “Big Charity,” which is an informal network of our largest charities.  They often used the same vendors, fundraisers,  and other contractors and they collectively raise billions of dollars. The executives of many of America’s largest charities make more money than most corporate leaders, with salaries in excess of a half million dollars.

You can see these outrageous salaries yourself on a website called Charity Watch. This book is a great expose on how these international charities waste millions of dollars.  And this book presents evidence about how many of the church-based charities actually hurt people.  

It’s bad enough that big Charities are inefficient, but they also have liberal political leanings that are very concerning.  Indeed, the leaders of many of America’s largest charities travel in the same circles with the left.   To give you a few examples:


This UN-based charity is bad news.  Despite its tear jerker ads about helping children in poverty, they have a long history of helping Islamic terrorist groups. See here and here.    I’m known this for 40 years, when friends of mine in military intelligence during the Vietnam War informed me that one of the most common things found in a overrun Vietcong camp were empty UNICEF aid boxes.  They have always fed our enemies but we shouldn’t be surprised since the United Nations is controlled by those who detest the United States.

Susan Komen For the Cure.


For much of its existence, this group has given millions of dollars to  American’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, supposedly to perform mammograms. However, funds are fungible and every cent given to Planned Parenthood frees up other funds that can be used to  promote abortion.  PP also has a Political Action Committee that gives millions of dollars to leftist politicians. As everyone in DC knows,  PP is a charter member of the swamp.  

But even Planned Parenthood’s claim to preforming breast cancer services is suspect since it does NOT perform mammograms and only refers women to places that do.  Even the liberal Washington Post confirms this.  Why would Susan Komen For the Cure give millions to a group that doesn’t even perform mammograms?   


American Red Cross

While the ARC has a great history dating back to the Civil War, this charity no longer resembles its founding vision.  When I served as chairman of the California Assembly Education Committee, I was inundated with testimony from parents and school officials about efforts by the Red Cross to promote a radical obscene and explicit “AIDs education” program.  As Claire Connelly of the Gay & Lesbian Resource Center of Ventura County testified before a hearing,  Children as young as 12 were “being encouraged to be bisexual and promiscuous, given graphic details of high-risk homosexual anal and oral copulation (by gay men with AIDS who don’t use condoms themselves), and invited to gay and lesbian centers, where they are cruised by adults.”  

When I introduced a bill to require parental consent for AIDS education, the Red Cross went ballistic and sent lobbyists to oppose the bill, notifying me that “written parental consent will make the delivery of this program overly burdensome to the schools…”  In order words, the Red Cross wants to be able to indoctrinate your child with an obscene program but does not want to be bothered with obtaining consent from those pesky parents.

ARC AIDS educators also mocked Christian values, abstinence, and had no problem with firing employees who had religious objections to their radical approach.  I personally knew one employee who was fired.  They even removed Crosses and other Christian symbols in places where they work, in order not to “offend” Muslims.

Moreover, in the 1980’s and 90’s, the ARC was so supportive of the radical gay agenda, they fought all efforts to restrict those with AIDS from donating blood and as a result thousands were infected with AIDS but the Red Cross was never held accountable for this outrage. This is because they had previously persuaded Congress to grant them special immunity from blood bank related lawsuits.  The government has fined them repeatedly for endangering the blood supply.

But it not just the Red Cross’s assault on traditional values and their recklessness with the blood supply that’s disturbing, it’s that they have a long history of incompetence. Even liberals have written about how the Red Cross has wasted millions of dollars trying to help victims of natural disasters. See here and here.

When they do venture into foreign policy, expect their actions to NOT be on our side.  For  example, they demanded that the U.S. release Saddam Hussein be released after we captured him.

And that’s just three of the larger charities that operate in the USA.  I could give you horror stories about most of the big charities if I wanted to.  In general, it is simply not wise to donate to the large national charities anymore. The leadership of these groups are part of the ruling elite and like so much else in our culture, they’ve been corrupted by the left.  Instead, I highly recommend that you focus all charitable giving on smaller, community-based and church-based causes such as a battered women’s home, homeless shelters, food kitchens, etc.  If you want to support those who do research on a particular disease, there are ways to give to researchers directly, as this women did with breast cancer.

Level Three: Churches, Youth Groups, Pro Sports and Education


This is a very sensitive area but its needs to be addressed. Most of the so-called “mainstream”  denominations no longer support the American way of life.  The three big mainstream protestant churches -- Evangelical Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, USA, and the United Methodist Church – and a large sector of the Catholic Church, are on the front lines of pushing the liberal agenda in concert with the leftist political movement.

The reason why much of organized religion has drifted leftward dates back to the beginning of organized religion.  At least 200 years after the death of Christ, mankind, on his own initiative, created a massive church hierarchy and appointed leaders to whom it ascribed divine-like status too.  This type of church structure was never mentioned in the Bible; in fact, quite the contrary. The Bible clearly lays out how each local group of Christians are to be led by Elders and even describes the qualifications for being an elder.  At no point does the Bible discuss any hierarchy above the local elders.

Nor is there any biblical evidence for the notion that priests and pastors should lead a church as it makes clear the Elders are in charge of each local congregation. Nonetheless, over the last 2000 years, mankind has created massive church hierarchies  in the way of dioceses, stakes, bishops, archbishops, etc., etc. While I believe all of this was well intentioned, none of this is supported by scripture.

What’s interesting is that the Protestant reformation was a revolt against the established church of the time (what we now called the Catholic Church), and one of the main areas of dispute was the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, which the reformers charged interfered with the relationship between believers and God.  However, within years of the reformation, the Protestant denominations it created ended up developing church hierarchies that mirrored, in many ways, the Catholic hierarchy it had criticized in the past.

The political implications of this are enormous. All the left has had to do to corrupt organized  religion is to take control of its national  hierarchy.  And this has been accomplished with many denominations.  If churches were organized at the local level as the Bible instructs,  the ongoing  movement by the left to take over organized religion would not have been successful since they would have had to take over every local church.

To give you an idea of how the left has corrupted the large “mainstream” denominations and the Catholic Church, let me throw out a few examples.  In the 1980’s, these churches supported the nuclear freeze movement, which was a Soviet- initiated movement to freeze America’s nukes so that the USSR could surpass us and use their strategic superiority to blackmail us.  Had President Reagan not ignored this propaganda, we would all be speaking Russian right now. Instead, Reagan modernized and installed new nuclear missiles and not too long after that, the USSR fell apart as did the entire communist bloc of nations.

Hundreds of millions of people were freed from communist slavery and millions were released from brutal concentration camps.  But this would not have occurred had the mainstream denominations got their way in blocking the effort by Reagan to keep our nuclear arsenal intact.  Reagan’s “Peace thru Strength” strategy worked and we defeated the greatest abuser of human rights in the world – communism.    I have personal knowledge of disarmament meetings that occurred which involved many church representatives and Soviet intelligence officers sitting in the same room discussing how best to disarm the USA. In an earlier era, we would call this “treason.”  Needless the say, had the USSR prevailed and the USA became communist, all believers would have been sent to concentration camps.

Then there’s the support given by the large protestant denominations and a large segment of the Catholic Church to the radical homosexual movement.  This movement has undermined the traditional family unit in many different ways and has resulted today in legislation that would force Christian businesses,  churches, and Christian schools to abandoned biblical teaching on sexuality by forcing them to hire transgenders and homosexuals and to allow biological males to use women’s bathroom and showers.

Indeed, this legislation is purely designed to force Christianity to drop its teachings about sexuality. The left cannot tolerate dissent and is using the gay agenda to stamp out biblical teaching regarding marriage and sexuality and is using a large sector of organized religion to essentially destroy our religious freedom.  I would also argue that the scandals involving the Catholic Church and even some Protestant denominations involving the molestations of thousands of boys is a direct consequence of their abandonment of biblical teaching on traditional male-female marriage and sexuality in general. 

Moving on to immigration, nowhere in the Bible does it support the concept of “open borders” and yet, the liberal Protestant churches and even the Pope himself, have led the charge to attack the concept of citizenship and secure borders by calling upon our leaders to essentially allow into the USA anyone who wants to enter.  Of course, to do so would result in 300 million Third World people flooding into America destroying the economic viability of the country, but liberal Christians don’t seem to care about that.

Then, or course, there’s the issue of socialism, which many leaders of the mainstream denominations openly support today.  This is due to the notion propagated by the left that the purpose of government is to take care of everyone from birth to death.   But the Bible says nothing about that and if fact, all scripture referring to compassion is about INDIVIDUALS having compassion for the less fortunate.  The Bible does indeed, instruct us to help others, but there is absolutely nothing about government assuming this role.  Indeed, as the government increasingly takes control of all aspects of our society, it destroys the work ethic, individual accountability and even crowds out the concept of personal compassion.  Socialism always destroys the soul.

If anyone still believes in the notion that our church leaders somehow represent the will of God, you need to disabuse yourself of that notion. Church leaders are human, not divine, and are as subject to propaganda and disinformation as anyone else is.   America is been the most charitable nation in world history and it is always us who has come to the rescue when other nations are in need. But much of organized religion today in America has been working furiously to destroy America and that will not help America nor the rest of the world.

Let me make clear. I am not advocating abandoning one’s faith. I am saying that we need to abandoned churches that are no longer true to biblical Christianity.  I am advocating that we do the research necessary to determine if the churches we belong to are financing the left.  

So what’s the solution?  Well, for starters, as a member of a church, you have the right to ask about what national denomination the church belongs do and how much money they send to it. If they won’t share that info with you, that’s a red flag.  Then you should also find out what causes/charities the national denomination supports because, let me assure you, all the mainstream protestant denominations and the Catholic Church give millions to liberal causes.

Of course, there still remains some strong conservative protestant denominations such as the Southern Baptist Church,  Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church in America, Church of God and the Churches of Christ.  So far, I have yet to find evidence that their national entities fund the left.  As far as organized religion goes, these denominations are the best of the lot and do not assault our conservative culture or political values.

Nevertheless, they always need to be scrutinized.  Indeed, I know of battles ongoing today between conservatives and “moderates” within the Southern Baptist Church and between various Church of Christ factions.  My point is that organized religion has always been a target of the left and as such, we have to always assume that there are efforts underway to compromise every denomination.

The most well-known liberal  denominations are the United Methodist Church, Churches of God in Christ,  Unitarian Universalist, National Baptist Conference, United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, 7th Day Adventist, Presbyterian Church USA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  All of these denominations give moral support and often funding to the left.

There are conservative Catholic communities but they are becoming rare in the USA.    Moreover, unlike Protestantism, it is much more difficult to form independent Catholic communities without getting in trouble with its hierarchy.  The left used to hate the fact that Catholicism allowed little dissent, but now that they control much of the church, they use the power of the hierarchy to push for the transformation of America into a socialist country. 

If you tire of organized religion altogether, there are many independent conservative churches that exist that do not belong to any denomination whatsoever.  Most of these tend to be of the evangelical protestant variety.  Then there’s the “home church” route.  In recent years, millions of people have  joined what is called the “home churched  ” movement, whereby they create their own church and meet in people’s homes.  Indeed, this is how Christians worshiped in the 1st century AD.  Archeologists have confirmed that many of the early churches met in homes and again, there is absolutely nothing unbiblical about NOT belonging to a church controlled by a world-wide hierarchy.

Indeed, when Christians were persecuted in ancient days, the fish symbol was often used to indicate to other believers that a home was used for worship.  Even some conservative Catholics are now forming their own home churches and while such groups are not recognized by their hierarchy, it appears that many of them are now questioning the biblical basis for a hierarchy that won’t approve of home worship but supports far left causes such as open borders.

I do think that all Christians, regardless if they’re  Protestant or Catholic, need to acknowledge that our religious leaders are not perfect nor are they even divine-like and that our covenant with God is not controlled by church hierarchies but by our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Given that, one should not feel compelled to belong to a church that gives moral support or funding to those who wish to destroy a country founded upon Christian principles.     


Youth Groups

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

Sadly, this group is on the way out.   The left hates the existence of a youth group that taught manly skills like camping and navigation and was founded on Christian principles, so they set out to destroy it.  I watched it happen as a State Assemblyman.   Bill after bill was introduced  with the intent of forcing the Scouts to comply with the liberal agenda. This happened in State legislatures all over the country beginning in the 1990’s.  Unfortunately, the Scouts did not want to fight back and responded meekly by compromising with the left.  First, they dropped all prayer and  Christian symbols.  Then they allowed gay scout leaders. Then gay Scouts.   Then came the wave after wave of child molestation scandals, created by all the homosexual pedophiles the Scouts allowed in to appease the left.  Then girls were allowed to be Boy Scouts.  Then they dropped the word “Boy” from its name.  And on and on.  The Boy Scouts is a classic case of how the left destroys our institutions.

Based on court records obtained through the  “discovery” process as a result of dozens of lawsuits brought by the parents of molested boys, we now know that thousands of Scouts were molested in the last 50 years. Incredibly,  Media accounts state there are currently 80,000 lawsuits based on molestation.  And those are just the ones that were reported.  As sexual assault investigators will tell you, for every victim reported, there are many others never reported to the Scout leadership.  It is not unrealistic to think there are 2-3 times more  molestation victims than this.

The avalanche of molestation lawsuits has drained the Scouts of its funds and they may soon go under.  Let them.  We have fought for decades to preserve the Scouts but ultimately, its own leadership lost this battle by refusing to stand for its founding principles.    Most of the major churches that sponsored Scout units have withdrawn.  The BSA, which was founded to "aim for the practice of Christianity in their everyday life and dealings” will soon be no longer. Its leadership compromised so much in the last few decades, they ended up standing for nothing at all.

The Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts are not far behind as evidence by  a number of  books that have been published detailing how lesbian leaders have promoted lesbianism to the girls, not to mentioned the promotion of all kinds of liberal causes like global warming, accepting boys who think they’re girls  and supporting gay rights and abortion.    In other words, the Girl Scouts are teaching girls not to think for themselves and to just parrot whatever the liberal line is.   


Thankfully, there are conservative alternatives to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  You can find them online but here are two big ones herehere and here.    Indeed, I encourage all conservatives and Christian families with kids to get involved with these alternatives.  The left has destroyed our culture and it’s up to us to rebuild it, group by group and institution by institution.


Pro Sports

Pro-sports have become very political with the NFL, NBA, and MLB allowing players to kneel during the national anthem.  Incredibly, these pampered players, who earn millions of dollars, are promoting the false narrative that America is a racist country. I guess the millions of Africans on waiting lists trying to immigrate here never got that memo.  This says a lot about the education level of pro athletes who seem to be unable to see through such simplistic propaganda.  

This disgraceful behavior has caused millions of Americans to no longer watch or attend professional sports games and to instead focus on college sports.  If millions of Americans stop patronizing these spoiled athletes, perhaps they will eventually wake up and realize they are being used by the left. 





We all need to understand that a traditional 4 year college degree is no longer as valuable as it once was.  Our colleges are so politicized today that much of what a person learns in college is just pure propaganda.  And what colleges do offer worthwhile can usually be found on-line or by taking specialized courses at a community college or by taking courses offered by the various industry associations.

For example, one doesn’t need a college degree to work in financial advising or real estate but can instead take private courses that prepare one to pass the very difficult Series 7  and Real Estate licensing tests required to work in these professions.  Same goes for many other professions.  Aside from thousands of entities that offer courses in every field one can think of, there are also networks of “adult” colleges that offer specialized courses for adults without all the propaganda and the political correctness than so dominates universities today.   National University is one such chain.

And there are some conservative colleges still out there, mostly operated by various Christian  denominations, but let me warn you that just because it’s a private Christian college, it  doesn’t mean it is politically and culturally conservative.  In fact, many of the most liberal schools today were founded as Christian schools but long ago drifted away from their founding  principles.  For example, many colleges operated by the conservative Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod  and by the Church of the Nazarene, have become liberal colleges with very few conservative professors.

Nevertheless, there are a few dozen private colleges out there who have maintained their original vision.  You can find lists of conservative colleges on-line  but these lists are usually compiled by liberals who have no idea what they’re talking about.  The aforementioned list, for example, lists several schools which are no longer conservative, such as Pepperdine, whose undergraduate faculty has been dominated by liberals for the last decade.  The leading conservative college in the country, in my view, is Hillsdale College, a non-denominational  private college in Michigan.  The bottom line is that one needs to do their research to determine if a college is really conservative.

Regarding blue collar jobs, this is what trade schools are for.  Indeed, many blue collar occupations, such a plumbing and electrical work, often pay more than the average college graduate earns.    I have met and worked with many people without a college degree who had far more knowledge about their profession than those with degrees.  Conservatives need to ditch the “you-have-to-have-a-college-degree” mindset as a basis for hiring someone  and understand that today there are many other options to obtain knowledge without the indoctrination that comes with most college educations.

K-12 Schools

In the last few decades we have witnessed a complete takeover of our K-12 schools. Liberals know that if order to transform America to a socialist police state, they must mold the next generation of children to conform to their values.   Even conservative board members in conservative areas have been unable to stop the avalanche of mandates, rules and regulations that enforce the leftist agenda in our K-12 schools.

Conservatives need to understand that local public schools are not really controlled locally anymore as thousands of Federal and state regulations now dictate policies on everything regarding curricula, sex ed, reading methodology, academic standards, hiring, special ed, and on and on.  And what’s left over is controlled  by the teacher’s union.  Local elected school board members have very little power to alter anything of substance.   I know this for a fact as I am the only conservative to chair the California Assembly Education Committee in the last 60 years. 

Indeed, I will argue that our K-12 public schools are probably doing more damage than good.  The  sex ed curricula promotes a “have-sex-with-anyone-for-any-purpose” philosophy and despite the health risks  of abnormal lifestyles, transgenderism and homosexuality are taught as perfectly normal.  Reading is usually taught using the “whole-language” approach and math is taught using the “new new math” approach,  both unsound approaches that account for why American students are near the bottom of the barrel in worldwide education comparisons.    Even drug education in our schools is usually taught from a moral relativist approach that has had no impact on drug use by our children.

If you want to read more about the nightmare our public schools have become, read From Crayons to Condoms, the Ugly Truth About America’s Public Schools,  by yours truly.  And no, I no longer receive any proceeds from the sale of this book.  But conservatives do have options.


Millions of families now homeschool their children and even families with both parents working often find other alternatives like forming a group of homeschool families and rotating the duties among all the parents. Homeschoolers outperform public school kids in every category and they create networks all over the country that organize activities for homeschool kids so they are socialized with other children of like-minded values.  Remember, most of our founding fathers were homeschooled and universal public schools were not a reality in America until many decades after its founding.  Almost all education in America’s early years was performed  by churches and private groups.  While the government has tried to ban  homeschooling in the past, they have no right to do so, but they have tried to impose regulations on homeschoolers in some states.  To find out more about homeschool  regulations in your state, contact the Home School Legal Defense Fund or one of the many home school support groups that exist online

Private schools

Private schools go back to America’s founding and were mostly operated by churches.  It is a shame today that so many churches today are NOT involved with operating schools.  With empty facilities Monday thru Friday and typically, a reservoir of adults with the knowledge to teach, every conservative church should be involved with operating a school.   If your church isn’t, find out why not.  There is nothing more important than training the next generation.  If a church is too small or feels it doesn’t have the resources to undertake such a project, then approach a few other like-minded churches nearby about working together to create a school.  

Eventually, as the school grows, buildings may need to be added and funds raised, but almost any church today can start a private school given their existing facilities.  Many families have avoided sending their children to private schools due to the sports programs offered by public  high schools, but bear in mind that many private religious schools are now allowed to join public school athletic conferences.  Indeed, in same states, homeschool students are allowed to join sports teams at the public high school near them since, after all, homeschool families pay taxes.  But this policy differs from area to area, depending on whether judges and state legislators have engaged in unconstitutional actions to block homeschoolers from participating in public school sports.  There are many groups on line that offer assistance to those wanting to start private schools here and here.

Level Four:  Where one lives, where one works, and who one hires

Where one Lives

The “Blue” states are not just high tax states operated by liberals but they have destroyed economic opportunity and there is little reason to believe these states will change their ways.  We all must remember that the left believes government is the source of all economic activity and happiness and that the more, the better.  Conservatives believe in the opposite view.  Today, the typical “Blue” state spends billions of dollars on useless and inefficient programs that the left thinks are important.   As a former California Assemblyman, I can’t recall ANY legislation passing that benefited the average taxpayer.  Everything passed was about giving more power and money to welfare recipients, union bosses, gender revolutionaries, global warming advocates, illegal aliens and so forth.

Obviously, this is a total perversion of democracy and all productive citizens should seriously abandon these states whenever possible.  To the left, all we are to them are cash cows to finance their loony agenda.  This is why the states with the highest tax burden are all blue states and the states with the most job creation and opportunities are the red states.   You can see the list of Red and Blue states here

Where one lives also comes into play regarding reapportionment and how much power a state has electorally.  Every ten years, based on the Census, states are granted electors based on its population.  The more people they have, the more electors they’re granted. These are the  people who vote in the Electoral College.   A migration of just a few hundred thousand  Californians to other states, for example, could deprive California of a congressional seat and some electors. So not only does moving to a Red State makes economic sense and protects your constitutional rights, but by doing so, you are reducing the political power of the Blue states. 

Lastly, election fraud in the Blue states is becoming more institutionalized due to the fact that Democrat officials consistently refuse to investigate voter fraud and will NOT institute voter ID laws.  In other words, Blue states are becoming less democratic and more like Cuba and Venezuela.  This kind of political power is always accompanied by attacks on the Constitutional rights of Americans, such as efforts to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.

Not everyone can leave a blue state, but if you are able too, this needs to be considered.  

Where One Works

In the Level Two section, a link is given to a site that lists all the companies that funds the left or boycott the right.  If you have a certain skill set that is marketable and work for one of the companies dedicated to transforming America to a socialist dictatorship, you should consider working for a different employer.  Better yet, consider starting you own business.

Who one hires

People assume that it is illegal to NOT hire someone based on their political affiliation.  It is not. Political affiliation is not part of Federal discrimination laws. If you are an employer, you are legally allowed to hire or not hire someone based on their political beliefs.  The left does this all the time.  They take care of their own.  We don’t.  It’s time to change that.  Our colleges are graduating millions of heavily indoctrinated youth but they expect the largely conservative private sector to hire them and give them productive careers. Perhaps if we stopped hiring college graduates who detest America, the colleges will be forced to change. 

There are ways to check out potential job applicants:

*Check their Party registration.  Most county Republican Parties possess the county voter registration file and are able to tell you what party a person is registered as. 

* Check their social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  You can search these platforms by the person’s name.

* Google the person’s name.  If he or she has been active in politics, you may be able to find something about them this way. 

* Check out their political donations by going to

* During the job interview, ask them a question or two about their basic understanding of our constitution such as “what do you think the role of government is?”  

If you are in a position to hire people, it’s time to do what the left has been doing for many years and help like-minded people become successful with their careers.  And finding fellow conservatives is not that hard.  We all have large networks of like-minded friends on Facebook, at church, in community clubs, etc., and spreading the word among these networks is more likely to attract conservative applicants than just blindly posting ads on on-line job banks or hiring a head hunter.

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