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Amazon joins the police state

I played a small role in the story below. When PJ Media reported that a best-selling devotional called A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal, contained a prayer to “help me hate white people,” I was shocked. So I went to Amazon to find the book so I could write a negative review. But, Amazon blocked me from doing so, claiming I had to be a “buyer” of the book before I could post a review.

But that’s BS because Amazon does not have such a requirement for books that the left hates. So you are free to post negative reviews of conservative books – even if you don’t purchase them --- but they are now blocking you from posting negative reviews of some liberal books. I contacted the author of the PJ Media article, Matt Margolis, and he found that this extended not just to the devotional book but to Hunter Biden’s new book as well. And probably many others to come. If you want to know how the left slowly strangles free speech in route to their beloved leftist dictatorship, well, this is one of many examples of how it’s done.

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