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Biden bases many policies on a phony theory

Almost every action on the energy front by this administration is based on the idea that “Global warming” is real and the media parrots that propaganda. But there’s never been a consensus among scientists on that and, in fact, I believe the majority of scientists in America do not believe that man-made activity affects our weather.

I say that because over 31,400 scientists have signed a petition who reject the global warming hypotheses: Some consensus. Indeed, you will find that most of the scientists claiming global warming exists receive grants from liberal groups or government agencies that push global warming theories.

But understand what the motive here is. By claiming this phony theory is “fact,” it allows the left to use billions of dollars of government spending to dramatically grow the power and size of government. This is why almost every pro global warming scientist is a leftist. It is also why scientists who opposed them are harassed, bullied, and even lose their jobs.

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