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Biden finances those who seek to destroy us

It’s not just that Biden is senile, he’s stupid. But there’s more than stupidity that explains his recent release of 3 billion dollars to the world’s leading funding of Islamic terrorism, Iran. Biden has surrounded himself with those who support radical Islamic terrorist governments and movements, such as Anthony Blinken, Robert Malloy, Solin Kahn, Uzra Zeya, Wendy Sherman, Reema Dodin, etc. These people have demonstrated their hatred of America by supporting Iran and others dedicated to the destruction of the West. Many of these people advocate the destruction of Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East and perhaps the only country that could defeat Iran should they engage in nuclear warfare against its enemies (us, Israel). Some of these wack jobs even support suicide bombers who indiscriminately kill civilians in Israel. This is what the Democrat party is all about today when it comes to foreign policy. They support our enemies. In an earlier era, some of the people would be charged with treason.

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