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Biden lies to the Country and shows his delusion

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It was the weirdest presidential press conference I’ve ever witnessed. Every TV channel was focused on it as if Biden was the 2nd coming of the Messiah, but what we witnessed was surreal. He lost his place numerous times and made all kinds of statements that had no relation to what is happening in the real world. The most obvious disconnect was the crisis on the border, which he didn’t seem to think was a crisis. He claimed all adults are being returned to Mexico when, in fact, thousands are being released into the U.S. every day due to orders from his own administration.

He blamed Trump for the surge but by the end of Trump’s term, the border was under control as everyone in the Border Patrol and ICE will attest. He blamed Trump for separating children but it is his insane open border policies that created this crisis. He doesn’t even seem to be aware that his administration has reversed EVERY Trump policy dealing with illegal immigration and the message such moves sends southward is “to come on in.” And so they are.

His robotically-read statements about North Korea and China were bizarre since they were meaningless. Both countries are engaged in aggressive actions right now whether it's engaging in a show of force in international waters or tests of nuclear missiles which, in an earlier era, would be front page news. But Biden seems to be ignorant of this saber rattling and his media allies are covering for him by refusing to report on ominous happenings worldwide.

It is now obvious that America’s enemies worldwide know we are weak and are adjusting their strategic plans accordingly. The big meeting last week between Chinese and Biden officials in which they lectured the U.S. while we sat there dumbfounded was hard to watch. I have never seen such incompetent diplomacy and the worst part of this exchange was that our enemies worldwide all witnessed how weak America now is.

And, of course, Biden only allowed questions from reporters whose name appeared on a list prepared by his staff. Reporters with a history of asking tough questions were not allowed to ask him any questions. I have never seen that in a presidential press conference. No one even asked him about COVID and his pro-lockdown policies. How can you have a presidential press conference and ignore the #1 issue of the day?

His statement that the “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party” was a veiled threat to end democracy as we know it. He was clearly referring to the passage of HR 1, which will make it impossible for the Republicans to ever win the White House again. Along with granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, abolishing the filibuster and making DC and Puerta Rico a state, the Democrat strategy is to maintain power permanently and they are well on their way to doing so.

The economic, national security and cultural consequences of the end of the GOP serving as a functional party will be devastating. Already, we are seeing indications of a future economic calamity with inflationary signs appearing and combined with hostile moves by many of America’s enemies and the ongoing assault of the free speech and 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, it is clear the Dems are laying the groundwork for a “soft” police state in which one party rules forever.

Millions of Americans were fooled by the media into voting against Trump based on irrelevant things such as his behavior, his personality, and his tweets. We are now paying a heavy price for such stupidity.

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