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Biden's War on Blacks has Begun

Biden’s war on blacks has begun. While this idiot-in-chief spent most of his life making condescending remarks about minorities, the media have often suppressed those remarks. We saw a little bit of coverage last week when Biden said blacks didn’t know how to use a computer, but he’s been making similar comments like that for decades. Indeed, some of his closest friends in the U.S. Senate 20 years ago were Segregationists such as Sen Robert Byrd, a former KKK leader. But it’s more than that. Biden’s policies have, of course, already begun to negatively affect blacks. Liberal economic policies always do.

And it will get worse. Once Biden reverses the Trump tax cuts, imposes a draconian minimum wage and destroys the fossil fuels industry, the economy will become much worse. I predict that by mid-2022, we will be in a several recession. But the group that always suffers the most from recessionary economy policies are the blacks. Under Obama, the poverty rate soared as did the unemployment rate. Indeed, if a KKK leader was in the White House rather than Obama and wanted to hurt economic opportunities for blacks, the policies wouldn’t have been much different than what Obama did. Naturally, Biden is returning to the Obama recipe of harassing the productive while rewarding the non-productive. And once again, the blacks will suffer the most. The KKK should award Biden the “Racist of the Year” award.

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