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Census data destroys the "America is racist" narrative

If America was systemically racist, why are many non-white ethnic groups earning more money than whites? Well, that’s because the “America is racist” narrative is false and is designed to create racial division and hatred for America.

All one has to do is to look at the Census data regarding the average incomes for various racial groups. African immigrants, such as those from Nigeria and Ghana, earn more than do whites. Asians just blow whites away, earning, on average, 20% more than do whites. Even immigrants from Cambodia – one of the poorest countries in the world – and Laos, earn more money than do whites.

How can this be? Well, what this is telling us in not only is the left lying about “America is racist” and “white privilege” narratives, but that blacks and Asian immigrants come to America to seek their fortunes and are wildly successful. In other words, the American dream of working hard and going from rags to riches is still alive and well.

So why are so many native-born blacks struggling economically? Since we now know it has nothing to do with skin color or racism, it must have to do with the culture. For starters, broken families are the norm in the black community and that creates angry kids who commonly drop out of school, dramatically affecting income. But also many black cultural leaders have attacked the completion of homework, using proper English, and finishing high school as “acting white.” Hmm. Perhaps it is about time the black community start calling out its cultural “leaders” who have kept their people from achieving success.

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