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Dems seek to force everyone to accept gender chaos

We are now witnessing a full attack on biology in terms of an effort by the Democrats to destroy the distinction between genders and then to force the rest of us to worship the gender chaos they created. At the federal level, you have the Equality Act – which just passed Congress -- which will force churches, private Christian schools, etc. to allow biological boys to use women’s bathrooms, showers and lockers. There’s much more but the entire focus of the bill is to undermine our First Amendment religious freedoms.

At the State level, Democrat-controlled states are doing the same thing. In California, a bill has been introduced to fine all stores if they have separate bathroom for men and women. Yes, you read it right. They are fining businesses $1,000 unless their bathrooms are all unisex. What purpose does this bill serve other than just forcing normal people to accept their perverted views of sexuality?

And there are dozens of more such bills circulating in DC and in state houses all over America. The Dems don’t care about the economic challenges were are facing today, or the threat posed to America by China. All they want to do is force the rest of us to support their anti-science, anti-biology agenda. They don’t care that trangenderism is abnormal behavior and that they have a 20% suicide rate. They don’t care how transgenderism is wrecking the lives of thousands of kids.

All they care about is forcing the rest of us to CONFORM.

If one studies the history of dictatorships, the first freedom to go is the freedom of religion. That’s what happened under Stalin and Hitler, who, contrary to leftist mythology, were both men of the left. Remember, the “Z” in “Nazi” stands for socialism.

The left has become hard-core socialists and are now showing their true agenda: to create a police state in which their bizarre values are forced down our throats and in which our views are censored and suppressed. Make no mistake, this is what the Nazis did to their opponents. I, for one, will NOT be conforming.

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