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Is this girl really our Vice-President?

I was just informed that this giggly girl was Vice President of the United States. This is the same girl who giggles about everything, including the most serious border crisis in 40 years. In all seriousness, Kamela Harris is the most incompetent, ill-prepared VP in American history. I know of her from her days when she was having an affair with Willie Brown, the Speaker of the House. Willie would show her off at political events but eventually he passed her off to other powerful Democrat men. These men cleared the way for her appointment to various state government jobs and cleared the field for her when she ran for Attorney General of California.

Her rulings and actions as AG were erratic, illogical and childish. Her incompetence as AG was so obvious that I believe she was admitted to law school based on her skin color, merit be damned. That’s illegal but commonly engaged in by our law schools. Her entire career was simply serving as a puppet for powerful liberal men. She was even chosen to be Biden’s running mate due to her race and gender in order to attract those voting blocs. Once again, merit was not even considered.

This is precisely the type of racism denounced by Martin Luther King, in which race is used to define people instead of judging people in a color blind way. And now this incompetent, unserious, giggly, Marxist little girl is a heartbeat from the presidency.

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