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It's time for feminists to join with conservatives to stop the Trans tyranny

Some people think that the transgender issue is a minor thing, something just a few whack jobs engage in. Wrong. Well-fund leftist groups all over the country are using clever media campaigns to convince our youth that this is a great thing to do. But it’s not and if we were a healthy society, we would charge people who encourage this activity with child molestation. We now know that transgendered youth have serious psychological issues their entire life and have a suicide rate 20 times higher than normal people. There is widespread consensus among psychologists that blocking hormones with drugs or actually undergoing a sex change operation simply worsens the underlying psychological issues and it does not help a person “find who they really are” as propagandist “Caitlyn” Jenner says. I’m not sure how suicide helps someone “discover themselves.”

But the trans movement now involves millions of people and transgender athletes are taking over women’s sports. This article is about a women who lost 4 state titles to a transgendered athlete. It does not matter how much someone mutilates themselves; if they are born a man, they always have more muscle mass and endurance than will a women.

Some naïve liberals with daughters are beginning to wake up and realize that the trans movement will destroy their daughter’s dream of getting an athletic scholarship to college. That’s already happened – numerous times. At the rate this sickness is growing, within the next few years, muscle-bound, masculine “female” athletes will dominate every NCAA sport and even professional women sports.

That is, unless we Americans fight this. But our future is mostly in the hands of that large block of voters in the middle are do not take the time to do their research and do not have strong opinions about anything, but vote Democrat because some moron on CCN told them to. We all know someone like that. Those are the people who are going to have to wake up and start voting intelligently. It’s scary that our fate is in the hands of this great bloc of ignorant voters.

Over the next year, I think it would be wise for all of us to think of one friend who is like that. If every patriot took it upon ourselves to approach that one person and educate them as to the danger America now faces from the left, we can add 80 million new voters to our side and will win back control of our country. Then we might have a chance to not only save women’s sports from mutilated men, but save America from wokeness, socialism, and the coming police state.

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