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It's time for patriots to boycott Coca-Cola products

The Coca-Cola company has been busy lecturing us about how a voter ID law being enacted in Georgia is “racist,” even though most states have had such laws for decades and every major country in the world requires an ID to vote. This is the same company that employs an explicitly racist “employee training program” that instructs its white employees to “try to be less white” by being less “arrogant” and “defensive.” Can you imagine the hoopla if a company like Coke had a program instructing its black employees to be “less black?”

This is the same company that refuses to work with law firms unless the composition of the firm in question meets certain racial quotas. The real racists here is Coca-Cola. But historically, Coca-Cola has been obsessed with race and with judging people based on race. During Hitler’s reign, Coca-Cola actually had a partnership with the Nazis during the 1936 Olympics even though, by that time, anyone with half a brain knew the Nazis were racists obsessed with the idea that the Aryan race is a “master race.”

Even after World War 11 began, Coca-Cola repurposed their factories in Germany to serve the German military as they launched their effort to dominate the world with its “master race” ideology. Apparently, Coke was fine with that and they were never held accountable for these despicable actions. But now Coca-Cola claims to have the moral authority to lecture us about race, arguing that merely requiring an ID to carry out our most cherished right – voting – is somehow racist. Shame on Coca-Cola. The pompous progressives who run Coca-Cola have declared war on America and they need to be boycotted. I urge all patriots to boycott their products.

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