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It's time to sue people who mutilate our children

For the first time in history, a transgendered person has been nominated for a key position – Assistant Secretary of Heath. This man who dresses as a women is named Dr. Rachel Levine. The nomination was celebrated by the left and the media as “historic” but no one bothered to ask about his academic credentials since, after all, he’s a “trans” and that’s all the left cares about today. His/her main claim to fame and that he’s an advocate of children taking puberty blockers and undergoing surgery to destroy the gender they are born with.

Appointing this child mutilation propagandist to be the #2 person at the Dept of Health tells us everything we need to know about Biden’s radical agenda of encouraging sexual chaos. It is common knowledge among the medical profession that the suicide rate for “trans” kids is at least 20%. These people have psychological and mental issues and need counseling, not encouragement. What the left is now pushing is nothing short of child molestation.

Naturally, Levine refused to answer questions by Sen. Rand Paul about his support for giving puberty blockers to children and encouraging sex change surgery to kids under age 18 without parental permission.

Any parent who finds out that a school or health official anywhere has encouraged their child to take puberty blockers or undergo a sex change operation needs to sue these officials. Trans youth are being created for the purpose of becoming sexual playthings for older perverts. Incredibly, thousands of children have had these procedures done, despite the well known mental, physical, and psychological damage caused by these procedures.

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