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Media ignores riots based on phony "police brutality" incident

There were leftist riots all over the West Coast the last few days but the media decided you shouldn’t know about them so they were ignored. But there was far more damage committed in one day by these rioters alone than what had occurred at the Capitol on January 6. That’s the event the Democrats call an “armed insurrection” but no one was found to be armed.

These riots were carried out by Antifa, Black Live’s Matter and allied groups. They have nothing to fear because the FBI is too busy arresting conservatives for daring to protest a stolen election.

The riots were on the anniversary of the Breonna Taylor incident whom the left and their media allies have lied to us about repeatedly. She’s the woman the media told us was the “victim” of a botched police raid on her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky last March. The left claims she was shot and killed by the police in her own bed while sleeping and for no reason whatsoever.

The media told us the cops stormed the wrong apartment and that Taylor had nothing to do with any criminal activity, but none of that was true. Taylor was knee deep in a large drug running operation, selling crack cocaine and fentanyl. Indeed, documents show she was handling the money for the drug ring and was using her home as the operational headquarters.

This ring was not just dealing with drugs; it had murdered a man whose body was found in a rented car used by the ring. This is why the police raided her home. The media made a big deal about how the “cops stormed in with no notice.” But they had a “no knock” warrant because the cops feared a gun battle. Nonetheless, the cops decided to knock and announce themselves, as even Taylor’s boyfriend testified.

The first officer in the door was shot and only then did the police return fire, hitting Breonna and killing her. If you deal drugs and kill rival gang members and your apartment serves as the headquarters for murderous thugs, you’re going to get raided and if you shoot first at the police, they’re going to shoot back. Duh.

In an earlier era, this wouldn’t even had made the news, but in today’s world, the media lies to us about what happens on routine basis. It is quite clear that Taylor was NOT a victim but rather a participant in a violent gang ring that murdered people.

The media also told us she was sound asleep in the next room. That was a lie as well, as she was standing in the hallway right next to her boykind who was shooting at the police. So this thug put his own girlfriend at risk by shooting at the cops. Nice guy. And a moron.

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