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Natural immunity is better than a vaccine and don't let anyone tell you different

In every epidemic we have endured in this country, the idea of forcing people to get a vaccine shot if they already have the virus in question was considered unnecessary. In fact, our medical and scientific authorities made clear that natural immunity was better than any vaccine shot. But for some strange reason, that consensus changed during the COVID crises and we were all told by the officials that EVERYONE needed to get a shot regardless if you’ve had COVID or not.

Indeed, colleges and other public places – probably soon the airlines – are requiring proof of a vaccine before you are allowed in and will not accept antibody test results showing that you already have natural immunity. It’s as if the liberals want to ignore science in order to curtail our freedoms even more. What other conclusion can one come to?

Like so much else we’ve heard from our politicizing medical authorities, this rejection of natural immunity is turning out to be another phony myth peddled by those we thought are supposed to protect our health. There’s been a plethora of studies showing that natural immunity is the best kind of immunity possible and if one already has it, there’s no need to get the vaccine. And now, yet another study is out proving this to be the case.

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