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NYT retracts phony story about protesters killing cop

Nearly a month ago I wrote that the story about Capitol protesters “murdered” a capitol policeman by beating him over the head with a fire extinguisher was fake. I knew it was fake news because every leftist website was making it a big issue but all the coverage of this story in the “mainstream” media left out any official sources. There weren’t any statements by the FBI or the Capitol Police that this man had died this way. I knew then the story was phony and that it was created to promote the false narrative that the right wants to kill cops so as to promote the effort to impeach Trump.

Today, the New York Times has finally retracted the story, but only after the Trump impeachment farce was over. Naturally. However, they continue to hide most of the facts about this story. For example, we know that the cop died long after the protest was over as his own family members spoke to him after the riot. He died from a heart attack that was most likely caused by the pepper spray the cops were using.

It’s an ironic that the cops in major cities were instructed by leftist officials to NOT use pepper spray on the poor Antifa rioters engaged in looting and destroying our inner cities, but apparently its ok to use pepper spray on our people. This decision ended up killing one of their own. The bigger story being ignored is why is the Capitol Police hiring people with heart conditions? I know that in my town, someone like that would never be hired.

The bottom line is that the only person intentionally killed at the protest was Ashli Babbitt who was unarmed and a military veteran. She is from my area. Please pray for her family as they cope with her passing. She was shot in the face by a Capitol Police officer when there was no need to do so. The media refuses to investigate this story and to this day, won’t use their sources within the Capitol Police to tell us his name or even how the investigation of this incident is proceeding. And no, there weren’t any riots in our cities to protest the death of Babbitt.

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