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Inauguration 2020

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

25,000 national guardsmen in DC tomorrow for the inauguration? What a joke. This is all about fulfilling a liberal narrative that they are protecting America from the evil MAGA movement that broke two doors and three windows a week ago, even though we now know much of the damage was carried out by Antifa infiltrators. Does anyone know how many national guardsmen were called out during Trump's inauguration? As far as I know, none. And the violence was ten times worse than anything that happened at the Capitol a week ago. But despite all the injuries, arson, and looting that occurred in 2017, this violence was praised by the left as a good thing. This is why we should all ignored the inauguration of a fake president tomorrow. Biden will call for unity while his team is concocting programs and legislation that will undermine our constitutional rights. Biden will call for peace, while hardly uttering any criticism of the violence that rocked our country all last years by the same leftists who elected him. Fly your flag upside down tomorrow. This is a sign that our country is in distress. And it is.

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