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Thanks to the left, Asians are now 2nd class citizens

Strangely, the left keeps prattling on about bigotry and hate crimes against Asians but they are the ones committing these crimes. By far, the vast majority of people being convicted for hate crimes against Asians are liberal blacks. But liberal whites are also engaged in Anti-Asian activity. On corporate boards all over America, liberals have put into place employment policies which discriminate against whites and Asians by downplaying merit and making race the top reason to hire someone.

And let’s not forget, universities are enacting admission policies that make it difficult for Asians to enroll because, there are “too many Asians” enrolled at the school. This is been the subject of numerous law suits but as of yet, this gross violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act has not been addressed. Harvard is leading in this hateful activity by flat out rejecting Asians with extremely high SAT scores while accepting other races with much lower scores.

A good argument can be made that Asians are now the most discriminated against group in America, thanks to the bigots on the left who value race higher than merit. Please make sure every Asian you know is aware of this when they go vote. An Asian voting for a Democrat is like a Jew voting for a radical Muslim.

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