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The Chauvin trial was a disgrace

I don’t know all the facts of the Chauvin trial as I wasn’t in the court room. However, it does seem rather implausible that in order to be found guilty of all three charges, the jury wants us to believe that Chauvin and three other cops – two of whom were minorities -- intentionally wanted to kill George Floyd. Not a shadow of a doubt in the minds of any of the 12 jury members. That’s hard to believe.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review destroys that argument and says that the only charge there was any evidence Chauvin was guilty of was the lesser of the three charges, manslaughter.

In any case, the trial itself was a joke. There were tons of complex issues and trials like this typically take days to resolve. Instead, this jury breezed through everything like it was a parking ticket. That, my friends, is a sign of jury intimidation. It was clear they did not debate the details of all the complex issues and instead, quickly decided a guilty verdict out of fear. This is outrageous and Chauvin needs to appeal that case. There are many reasons why this case should be appealed as even liberal legal scholars such as Alan Dershowitz has argued.

First, the judge refused to sequester the jury, so they were inundated for a year with anti-Chauvin messages on their phones, TVs and computers. In far less controversial cases, the juries have been isolated in a hotel somewhere, cutoff from everything.

Secondly, there were videos NOT admitted by the judge which clearly favored the defense.

Third, the venue itself should have been somewhere outside Minneapolis due to the fear jury members had of being attacked. This fear was real and the throwing of pig’s blood on the house of one of the defense witnesses reinforced that fear.

But there’s more, before the trail even concluded, the city council settled a wrongful death case based on the assumption that Chauvin was guilty. What kind of signal did that send the jury? Then, before the jury even began deliberations, liberal politicians made statements as if Chauvin were guilty, from the Minneapolis mayor to the state’s governor. Not to mention Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged violence if there wasn’t a guilty verdict.

We should also not forget the statement by our Moron-in-Chief, Biden, pushing for a guilty verdict. This is the first time in history a sitting present has intervened in a case like this.

This is outrageous and if this case is not allowed to be appealed, it will set a new trend in America: trial by fear. What makes America one of the greatest countries in the history of the world is our criminal justice system; if this becomes the norm, our criminal justice system will unravel and America will become similar to a Third World country in which one’s guilt is determined by how much threatened violence there is.

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