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The clown wearing horns was NOT a MAGA activist.

We've been told by our media lords that the clown wearing the animal skin and horns was a MAGA activist. That's obviously not true since he attends leftist global warming events as this piece documents. He probably is a little "off" in that he seem to thrive on media attention and for that reason attends protests organized by both sides. He seems to love having his picture taken by everyone. It was also amusing to see him stroll onto the floor of congress and causally strike up friendly conversations with the Capitol Police. Oh yeah, we supposed to believe that was an "insurrection." It's a little sad that for purely political reasons the Biden DOJ Nazis will send him to prison for years while most Antifa activists remain free, but the idea that he is some kind of MAGA leader is just plain reckless reporting. Rallies and protests attract all kinds of media seekers and he was one of them.

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