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The real story about Charlottesville the media won't tell you about

The Left spent the last few years claiming Trump praised racists when he said in regards to the Charlottesville riots, “there are good people on both sides,” but the left would always refuse to print the rest of that sentence when he said he wasn’t referring to Nazis and white supremacists. I know who he was referring to and that was the hundreds of people in Charlottesville who belong to a historical preservation group. These groups exist all over the country and they are multi-racial and bi-partisan. Then raise money to keep historical monuments and plaques maintained and repaired in cemeteries and parks all over the country.

When the BLM crowd started to tear down any and all statues, these groups very reasonably proposed adding statues and plaques that would honor, for example, the black soldiers who fought in some civil war battle. These groups opposed tearing statues down because they believe history always teaches us something, whether its good or bad. The Charlottesville area has one such group and they were opposed to the effort to tear down the Robert E. Lee Statue. This group proposed adding some plaques to create a more balanced narrative about what happened in the Charlottesville battle.

And when members of this group saw flyers all over town about an upcoming rally to preserve the Lee statue, many of them turned out. I actually emailed some of them and they informed me they had no idea the event was organized by some out of town racist group. As a result, this controversial event involved Antifa, some white supremacist types, and then lots of local people who just wanted to preserve the Lee statue. Any moron who covered this event would know that, unless they wanted to promote a specific narrative. When Trump said there were good people on both side of the event, he was referring both to the people who opposed the Lee statue and to the hundreds of local participants who wanted to preserve their own history. Shame on the left for lying to us for four years about this.

But that’s not the end of the story. For at least a year now, the media has been aware of a video of Biden saying almost the same thing they attacked Trump for but in Biden’s case, he was saying there were good people who supported flying the confederate flag. Can you imagine what the press would have done had Trump said that? The media decided, however, that this statement by Biden didn’t fit their narrative that Biden was a “civil rights” hero and Trump was not. It’s actually just the opposite. Biden has made at least a dozen racist remarks during his career while Trump has done more for minorities as president than probably any other president in history. Indeed, the irony here is that the media helped elect probably the most racist president since Roosevelt.

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