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Trump loses over a billion dollars while President

For the last four years we heard endless media pundits tell us over and over again that Trump was financially benefitting from being President. They launched lawsuits in an effort to prove this; they demanded to see his taxes and so on. But the same media propagandists never cared to find out how the Clintons and the Obamas became filthy rich after they were out of office. They were named to corporate boards whom they flacked for while president; they were given investments by companies who benefitted from their policies. And so forth.

The Obama and the Clintons amassed a fortune with both of these families amassing multiple mansions, luxury cars, and worldwide vacations with the rich and famous. But the media gave them a pass. We caught a little glimpse of how Democrat leaders become rich when, miraculously, a computer repair store owner turned over Hunter Biden's laptop.

That laptop contained tons of documents showing the Biden family engaged in illegal "pay to play" schemes for decades, including deals with China. This is why this current administration is now compromised by China and won't do anything that threatens China's goal of dominating the West. But the media decided to hide how the Biden crime family became rich and refused to report on this story before the presidential election claiming, without evidence, that it was all "Russian disinformation."

But now, Fortune Magazine, which researches the wealthiest people in the world, has announced that Trump lost $1.1 billion dollars while president, just as Trump had said in a number of speeches. In other words, everything the media said about Trump enriching himself was a lie but don't wait for the retractions because they won't come.

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