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We have a fool for a president

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

It is really hard to believe that we have a president so incredibly stupid that his speech to the nation tonight contained not one idea that would create real private sector jobs or help America recover from the pandemic. In his speech, which was all about free programs for everyone, he sang the virtues of government jobs, but government jobs do very little for the economy. They don’t create any long-term impact on the economy as they don’t produce services or products. He then boasted about all the jobs that were created in his first 100 days but he had nothing to do with that. This moron is still benefitting from the jobs boon created by Trump. Nor would he even thank Trump for getting the COVID vaccines approved in one year. Biden is benefitted from both Trump’s economic and vaccine policies but the Dems are hoping no one will notice.

He lied about the impact of taxes on the economy and acts like we don’t tax the wealthy when in fact, the wealthy already pay 80% of all taxes. Raising taxes, as he proposed, during a time when millions of Americans are out of work is economic suicide. He went on and on about intervening in the electric car market when there is no role for the government to do this. When Obama intervened in the electric car market, the results were disastrous.

Nor did he tell the American people that only 9% of the infrastructure bill actually addressed infrastructure. The rest of it was about funding liberal pet projects. And by the way, when it comes to roads, bridges, electric grids, irrigation systems etc., we already pay for the upkeep and improvement for these systems with all kinds of taxes and user fees. Do we really want the federal government to take over infrastructure that has historically been controlled by states, counties and cities?

Biden called for everyone to “Buy American” but his family made millions from foreign investments and then covered it up and continues to lie about it today. His “American Family Plan” is a joke as it calls for spending billions on pre-school, claiming that would make our children more educated, but that’s not what the studies actually show. When researchers tested kids who attended the government pre-school program, “Head Start,” they found that these kids showed some slight gains but after a few years, the gains disappeared. There are also studies showing that sending 2 year olds away to pre-school does great emotional damage to children.

If Biden really wanted to improve schools, instead of calling for a $3000 tax exemption for day care, he would have called for a $3,000 tax exemption for families who send their kids to private schools. If we make public schools compete with private schools, that will improve education for everyone, but Biden won’t even touch that issue because the unions hate it and Biden is a “union-first-America-last” kind of guy.

Then there’s his $15 an hour minimum wage hike, but as with every federal minimum wage hike ever passed, that will lead to millions of lost jobs. Biden’s babbling on foreign policy was so incoherent and illogical, I’m not sure what his points were. All I know is that all of America’s adversaries are on the march, saber rattling around the world because they know Biden is weak and won’t do anything about it.

Meanwhile, Biden has no clue and instead spends all his time obsessing with searching for phantom “White Supremacists.” Nor did anything he say about guns have any resemblance to reality and his remarks on immigration were a total denial of what’s really happening on our border.

This guy is a fool and his speech was nothing more than recycled liberal fantasies that will do great damage to our country and to our economy. When the impact of the Trump economy begins to recede sometime later this year, we will then feel the brunt of Biden’s anti-job and anti-growth policies. Be ready.

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