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"What we were doing in this country were some of the things that were being done in Russia and even some of the things that we being done under Hitler in Germany.  But we are doing them in an orderly way."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, father of liberalism, commenting on the New Deal

Here are some of the best sources of news and opinion.  Forget the mainstream news.  They have sold out America and no longer care about the truth and they have intentionally censored negative news about the left.   Please cancel your subscriptions to all mainstream newspapers and magazines and if your spouse has subscriptions at their office, cancel them as well.  If millions of Americans quit funding the media outlets that lie about America, about conservatives, and about the real agenda of the left, we may be able to save this country.


I can’t vouch for everything reported in all these sites but I will say that I have found solid news and research at every site listed.  If you have other recommendations, please email me as  


General Political Blogs & Websites With News and Commentary

Info On The Left


Newspapers & Magazines


Conservative Organizations


TV, Broadcast & Radio Shows 


News Aggregators


Foreign Policy/Terrorism

Media Bias


Global Warming/Environment


Pro-life/Social Issues




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